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With the technological advance, the electric motor is considered as one of the most prominent inventions of man. Its application is essentially the drive of machines, mechanical equipment and appliances, among others. Its basic principles of operation, construction and starting methods must be evaluated and considered to ensure satisfactory performance.


We can affirm that the electric machines are commanded completely by keys of departure, being that the most used they affect the direct or reversing, that is to activate small motors.

The engine starts are:

– The star starter triangle, which operates on the drive of large motors without load;

– the compensating start, capable of driving large motors with load;

– starting with soft-starter, used to connect large motors with load;

– the starter with frequency inverter, used for small and large motors.


The instant an electric current crosses a conductor, a magnetic field is caused all around it. The main concepts involving the magnetism that must be considered is that as an extremely important part of electricity, since in addition to the motors, the electromagnets are applied in various electrical components. This type of engine has a simplified construction and a significantly reduced cost, besides being very versatile and not polluting.

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